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Brad presenting metal to Fred Cassaday (Greater Philadelphia TC) who won the Masters Triathlon.
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​Debbi Sullivan
USA Olympian (Athletics '92, '96, '00) Race Walker
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​​If you have performed to the best of your ability, regardless of the conditions, then - win or lose - your a CHAMPION.
​Do not be afraid to daydream about running. You have to picture yourself as a winner. Every time I ran the race it was under different circumstances with varying conditions and tactics thrown in. Only one thing never changed: I always won the race! (In my mind.) However, dreaming is a dead end unless it is blended with self discipline and a willingness to push yourself with hard work.
The Track Man Rebuilding Javelins
Mr Cassaday had the opportunity to benefit from the multidisciplinary cancer care team of Kennedy Cancer Center and the Thomas Jefferson University Department of Neurosurgery, receiving all of his care at Kennedy Washington Township.

He was at the track performing Physical exertion in June of 12016 which was his normal routine, and experienced loss of consciousness with seizure activity.  He was transferred by ambulance to the emergency department and an extensive evaluation ensued.  CAT scan of the brain demonstrated an abnormality within the peripheral left frontal lobe of the brain.  MRI of the brain and brainstem was performed on June 9, 2019.  The test confirmed the presence of a brain tumor with surrounding swelling.

Brain surgery was performed at Kennedy by Dr. Garrido to remove the mass.  The results showed a cancerous tumor for which additional treatment was recommended.

Under the direction of Dr Lacouture, radiation therapy was recommended with chemotherapy (Temodar) at the same time recommended by Dr. Poretta.  On July 14, 2016, radiation and chemotherapy began.  Radiation was performed using an IMRT/IGRT technique to treat the area of the brain where the tumor was found and where the surgery was performed.  Radiation treatment took a bout 15 minutes per day, with a chemotherapy pill daily.  The radiation finished after 30 days of treatment and chemotherapy using the Temodar pill will continue.  This treatment was able to be coordinated close to home and all in the same location at Kennedy Washington Township.

Treatment Team:

Dr. Tamara LaCouture, Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Trina Poretta, Medical Oncologist
Dr. Eduardo Garrido, Jefferson Neurosurgery

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